New Patient Information

When you phone to make your appointment we will post to you a letter confirming both the date and time and location for your consultation.  We will also include a Patient Information/Medical History form for you to complete and post to us prior to your appointment.  Alternatively you can download these forms using the link below and complete and email to us if you prefer.

New Patient Form

What we need for your Initial Consultation

  • The letter of referral from your family doctor (GP), dentist or specialist.
  • Your Completed New Patient Questionnaire
  • Full medical history, including list of current medications,
  • In most cases we will need an OPG x-ray – our staff will confirm this with you when booking the appointment
  • Any other relevant laboratory or test results.

All patients are required to have a consultation with your surgeon prior to treatment:

  • For initial assessment.
  • To discuss your treatment plan and options available to you.
  • To give you the opportunity to ask questions.
  • To select the appropriate type of anesthetic – local or general and provide you with information.
  • Discuss the costs involved for planned treatment.

What Happens Next?
After your initial consultation, if you have decided to go ahead with surgical treatment your surgeon will advise one of our administrative staff to make arrangements either for your admission to the appropriate hospital or to arrange a time for your procedure under local anesthetic in our Wickham Terrace rooms. Our administrative staff will also:

  • Discuss health insurance and account information relating to the surgery.
  • Provide you with a relevant hospital booklet and forms to complete prior to surgery.
  • Inform you of the Specialist Anesthetist for your surgery and provide contact information for your Anesthetist.
  • Provide you with fasting instructions and admission times if you are proceeding to surgery in a hospital – these are generally also confirmed by the hospital.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is very important for you to follow the fasting instructions carefully; otherwise the hospital or anesthetist may postpone your surgery. If you are having a General anesthetic or sedation you will also be required to have a carer with you who will be given information to care for you after your surgery. This person will also be expected to take you home and look after you for a minimum of 24 hours after surgery. A carer’s certificate can be provided to the carer for time off work/school.

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