Consultation Fees

Our initial consultation fee of between $180 and $350 is charged on the day of your consultation and is based on the length of time required for the consultation, which generally ranges from 30 to 60 minutes, and we do ask that these accounts be paid on the day. Payments can be made by cash, cheque, credit card and EFTPOS (EFTPOS NOT available at all branch clinics). If you are a Veterans Affairs Gold card holder we will bill DVA directly.

In MOST cases you will be able to claim some of this fee from either Medicare or your private health fund if you have dental cover. Our friendly reception staff can advise you of whether to claim from Medicare or your private health fund.


An estimate of costs for any surgical procedures will be provided to you at your initial consultation. These costs will depend upon the length and complexity of the procedure you require.

To enable you to determine prior to your procedure, your out of pocket expenses we will include item numbers on your estimate. These numbers will allow your health fund to identify the procedure you are having and enable them to give you an indication of the rebates for which you will be eligible.

As well as the surgeons’ fee, if you are having your procedure under General Anesthetic (asleep), you will receive a separate account from your anesthetist and hospital.

We will give you contact details for the hospital and recommend that you contact the hospital with your health insurance details to determine any out of pocket expenses that may be relevant.  If you are uninsured these costs could be quite significant and your surgeon can guide you as to the best hospital choice for your circumstances.

We also recommend you contact the anesthetist for your procedure and will provide you with their contact details so you can obtain an estimate of their costs.

Surgical procedures under Local Anesthetic are performed in our rooms on Wickham Terrace. Payment for these procedures is requested on the day.

If your surgical procedure is performed at one of the hospitals our surgeons attend, after your procedure your surgical account is posted to you and we ask that this account is finalised within 14 days of your surgery. We will then issue you with a receipt that you can take to your fund or Medicare for rebates. Our staff can advise you which items can be claimed from your health fund and which may be claimed through Medicare

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